Yesterday my daughter, Ashlyn, went to the store with my wife, Taryn, to get a Father’s Day present for me. She was told to pick one gift for Daddy. Immediately, Ashlyn ran to a Buzz Lightyear balloon.

father's day special

Taryn asked, “Are you sure this is what you want to give Daddy?”

Ashlyn replied, “Yeah! Daddy loves Buzz!”

At first, when Ashlyn ran up to me smiling to surprise me with the balloon I thought it was sweet. But as soon as Ashlyn gave it to me she immediately asked, “Daddy, can I play with Buzz?”

Since I really had no desire to play with a Buzz, I let her. And that is all she did the rest of the day. I don’t know who had a better Father’s Day, Ashlyn or me.

That’s when I realized how sneaky my daughter is. She picked out the Buzz balloon not because I liked Buzz. She picked it because she wanted it!

Well played, Ashlyn. Well played.

So, in honor of my daughter’s sneaky giving, here is my list of the Top 5 Sneakiest Father’s Day Gifts:

1. The gift that is really for you.

Just like Ashlyn gave me a balloon that was really for her, give Dad something that you have secretly always wanted. This is the perfect win-win situation! He gets a gift and you get to use it!

“Here you go Dad, I bought you the entire Twilight DVD box set!
 Lets watch them! So… are you team Edward or Jacob?”

2. The tool he needs to do more work around the house.

This is a great strategy for wives. There is usually something that you have been nagging your husband to do that never gets done. So get him something to help as a gentle reminder.

“Tada! It is a hedge clipper and work gloves! Now you can finally trim those bushes in the yard that we have been talking about! I know… you don’t have to thank me. You deserve it!”

3. Exercise equipment.

Is Dad out of shape? Get him something that will help fix that. Nothing says I love you and don’t want you to die young of a heart attack more than the latest exercise machine!

“Guess what I got you? It’s a Shake Weight! All you have to do it shake it and you will get better looking in no time! The best part is that it doesn’t look awkward or funny at all! Enjoy BIG guy.”

The personal hygiene gift.

As Dad gets older he will experience some changes. Hair will start growing in places it has never grown before. This is your opportunity to swoop in and save the day so you won’t have to look at it anymore!

“It’s a state-of-the-art nose hair trimmer! The best part is that it also works on ear and back hair! Here, let me show you!”

5. The self-help book.

No dad is perfect. That’s why this gift is so genius. Find a flaw and then pick a book to fix it. He may be unsure about the book at first, but one day he will probably thank you for it!

“How To Raise Teenagers Without Killing Them In The Process.”
“How to Become the Man Your Wife Thought She Married Before She Learned the Truth.”
“Get Off the Couch You Lazy Bum and Take Out The Trash!”

There you have it – my Top 5 Sneakiest Father’s Day Gifts. Father’s Day will never be the same again!

What sneaky gift would you add to the list?