Have you ever met the person who is always in the middle of some kind of drama?

Somebody always said something, looked some way, thought something, or didn’t do something and the the drama queen (or king) is all hot and bothered about it.

Clouds over her head

As they walk your way, you think, “Oh no. Here we go again. Wonder who peed in their Corn Flakes today?”

Somehow every conversation ends up about them and their life problems.

It seems like some people just always have a cloud of drama hanging over their head.

Working with teenagers, I see this all the time. But sadly many adults are just as bad.

Sometimes I just want to grab these people by the shoulders, and shake them while shouting, “WAKE UP! What is the common denominator in all your problems?”

Because the answer is simple… “YOU!”

They are causing 99% of their own problems, but they are blind to it. Somehow it is always everyone else’s fault.

A passage of scripture I came across recently reminded me of this.

Without wood a fire goes out; without a gossip a quarrel dies down.
Proverbs 26:20 NIV

People who are always feeling burned need to check that their tongues are not adding wood to the fire. The cloud of drama over them is usually smoke from the fire they keep burning.

Do you want to end the drama? Do you want most of your people problems to go away? Close your mouth.

Quit gossiping. Quit whining. Quit talking about it. Move on.

It’s that simple. If you quit throwing wood on the fire, it will burn out.

So if you feel like you are always surrounded by drama, realize the only person always around you is you. Stop adding wood. Let the drama die.