The One Thing You Should Fear More Than An Angry Mother

Don’t ever mess with a mother’s baby! Seriously, don’t do it! It doesn’t matter how sweet or nice the mother is, it will not go well for you. In fact, I firmly believe that every mother has super powers. No joke. I have seen it first hand. […]

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How to Overcome Laziness and Be More Productive

Laziness affects us all. Giving in can ruin us. Overcoming it can define us. Last night I didn’t feel like going for a run, but I did it anyway. I didn’t feel like writing this blog post, but I did it anyway. After a crazy week all I wanted to do was go to bed, but I didn’t. Why? Nobody ever got ahead by sitting on their behind. […]

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What Is So Wrong About a Little Sin?

Have you ever wondered why a sin is sin? What makes something bad? Most people would say that something is a sin because it goes against one of God’s commands. But have you ever asked why God commanded these things? I mean, what standard did God use to determine what would classify as a sin and what wouldn’t? I doubt God was sitting up in Heaven one day with a list, picking things He liked for the good column and things He didn’t like for the sin column. […]

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Wrong Way Grandma!

Picture this. I’m riding shotgun in the car with my Grandma. We had just finished running errands at a store. Pulling out of the parking lot, my Grandma turns left down the road. As we are driving along, I looked out the window and that’s when I saw the sign: “One Way.” Puzzled, I looked at the sign, looked where we were heading, and looked back at the sign. That’s when I came to the frightening realization… IT WAS POINTING THE OTHER DIRECTION!  […]

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5 Easy Ways To Make Bad Decisions

Good decisions are for sissies who want the easy way out. Not you. You want life to be as difficult as possible. Sure, you could probably avoid some of life’s problems, but what’s the fun in that? Bad decisions build character and make great stories to tell your buddies. They say, “No pain, no gain.” So if you want a lot of pain, here are five easy ways to guarantee success. 1. Never Dig Below The Surface – All that matters is how good it looks on the outside. Don’t bother looking at the heart of the issue. If it looks nice and shiny on the outside it must be good. Nobody likes a negative person who is always looking for problems. When it comes to making decisions, prettier is better. […]

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