Free iPhone 5 Like Heaven

I got an iPhone 5 for free! I was perfectly happy with my iPhone 4 until I saw the 5. I wanted it bad, but my rational side said “Your phone works fine. Save your money.” Sadly, I had to agree. Stupid rational side! However, by divine providence, the church I work at, Sagebrush, decided to cross over from the dark side! We had seen the light and were switching our work phones from AT&T to Verizon! As part of the deal we were all promised a new iPhone 5 to be held on the day it released! On the morning of the iPhone 5 release, people camped out at  stores nationwide hoping to be the first to get it. They waited in lines for hours. Some got it. Others didn’t. But I slept in, had a big breakfast, and the slowly drove to the store. When I pulled up hours after opening, there wasstill a line around the building! I thought, “Dang! This is what I wanted to avoid! Now I would have to wait in line for hours!” Then doubt crept into my head as I saw more and more people getting into line. “What if they didn’t have one on hold for me? What if they just meant that I could get one when it was available? Uh oh. Am I not getting it today?”  […]

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Camp Preaching

I'm gone all week at camp. I was looking through old camp files and found this video of me preaching at last year's high school camp. The focus of the night was missions. Enjoy. Brandon - HS Camp 2011 from Brandon Hilgemann on Vimeo.

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I Hate School Dances

As a teenager, there was nothing I hated more than school dances. I went to all the dances and hated every one of them. Come on, is there anything on earth more awkward than a school dance? I hated dances so much that one year I made the decision to officially boycott all dances. The night of the big dance, I looked out my window. I could see the high school parking lot from my house. I watched all the cars rolling in. I could hear the music bumping all the way from the gymnasium. […]

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What Is So Wrong About a Little Sin?

Have you ever wondered why a sin is sin? What makes something bad? Most people would say that something is a sin because it goes against one of God’s commands. But have you ever asked why God commanded these things? I mean, what standard did God use to determine what would classify as a sin and what wouldn’t? I doubt God was sitting up in Heaven one day with a list, picking things He liked for the good column and things He didn’t like for the sin column. […]

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Wrong Way Grandma!

Picture this. I’m riding shotgun in the car with my Grandma. We had just finished running errands at a store. Pulling out of the parking lot, my Grandma turns left down the road. As we are driving along, I looked out the window and that’s when I saw the sign: “One Way.” Puzzled, I looked at the sign, looked where we were heading, and looked back at the sign. That’s when I came to the frightening realization… IT WAS POINTING THE OTHER DIRECTION!  […]

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